The Saint of Science

It’s hard growing up in a House of Evil Queens when you have a conscience and must uphold the integrity of Science and Atheism. This is Sweet Blossom’s story.


Atheist Utopia Declares: “We Have Cured the poison of Religion. With the Help of Science, Racism is next.”


Breaking News: The most popular and beautiful princess in Cadabra wants to talk about social change. But Blossom must be ready to do some serious adulting if she wants to introduce progressive politics to a polarized society, like the Commonwealth of the Pink Sky. Will she take her political idealism to the next level and join the ongoing Pinkian Revolution? Can she influence the Queen for the better?

(7:00, Fairy Tale Time, Cadabra)-Princess Sweet Blossom, the self-professed “Princess of Candy”, and second-in-line heir to the Queen Darwin Dynasty, has made her agenda known throughout her kingdom and all the way across Cadabra. In order for society to reach a Utopian existence, racism and religion must go.

“We’ve already eradicated religion from the Commonwealth,” Blossom explains. “Religion divides people. Religion starts wars. A strong belief in the morality of Science was the only way to destroy the hate of religion. In the Commonwealth, we showed the people of Cadabra how to live without a God. Now we want to show them how Love can unite us all, regardless of skin color or species.”

But does Queen Darwin IV, Blossom’s mother, share her daughter’s progressive viewpoints? Many Cadabra journalists still claim that the Palace of Saints and the Darwin Dynasty still represent a long line of “Evil Queens” that have terrorized innocent beings for generations. Rumors persist that racist talk and animal cruelty still happens behind closed doors.

Not only that, but Blossom is being targeted by alpha males everywhere, not for violence but something much worse – for marriage! Tom Callin, Galileo de Wolf III and Prince Aaron have all recently been seen with Blossom in public for what we can only assume are romantic dates. But what could they possibly be talking about? The Commonwealth of the Pink Sky needs to answer some questions from the press – and soon!

Book Jacket Synopsis

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Plot: Princess Sweet Blossom must content with a sexual and cultural revolution, all the while introducing progressive politics to a bigoted Evil Queen administration. But Cadabra alpha males courting her attention, upholding the values of Science won’t come easy.

Love Story: Bisexual

Genre: Tragic Parody, otherwise known as a mishmash of Parody, Political Satire, Psychological Horror and Tragedy

Audience: Older Teens, Millennials, Hippies of All Ages, LGBT community, and cynical types (See Outcast Culture)

Narrator: Third Person, but a bit of an unhinged and delirious old coot

Major Themes: Pansexuality, Patriotism, Science, Ethics, cloaked criticisms of Democratic Socialism, Liberalism and Leftist Media, which is a radical shift from Book 1: The Evil Princess, which so vehemently criticized Conservatism, Religion and Right-Wing Politics.

Motifs: Science, Ethics, Polyamory, Patriotism, Political Chicanery

Symbols: Pinkian flag, candy, bizarre steampunk fashions

Writing Style: Parody, Fairy Tale Spoof, Political Chicanery, Character Study

Lead Characters: Sweet Blossom, Prince Aaron, Galileo de Wolf, Tom Callin

Supporting Characters: Queen Darwin IV, King Amram, The Seven Janes, Mary Melancholy, Salem the Witch

Setting: Happily Ever After (or “Cadabra”, specifically involving the Commonwealth of the Pink Sky (North), the Animal Parish, the Babadeans Refuge and The Outskirts.

Literature Analysis: Half of the book is about Blossom’s journey through adolescence and then slowly becoming a political activist. Times are changing in Cadabra with the advent of gay rights, talking animals, war, sexual revolutions, and advancements in science. She is trying to fight against her lineage of Evil Queen mothers and do some good for the world.  She makes it a point to try to see multiple points of view, and to become empathetic towards others. The fact that she tries so hard is what makes her gain friends AND lose friends. Politics seems to be a game that’s impossible to win.

Morals: Idealism and close-mindedness are dangerous, as Blossom soon discovers that all of her friends and enemies hold racist and bigoted attitudes that are not easy to change.




Princess “Sweet” Blossom

Memorable Quotes

“Above all else, I simply must believe in the inherent good of all beings.  If we cannot trust each other, what hope have we?  I have always been the type of person to take others at their word.  As a member of the Palace of Saints, and as a woman blessed with physical beauty, I realize how dreadfully unfair first impressions can be. 

Many years ago, I learned that it’s not polite to judge another person by their appearance.  It’s easy to laugh at someone because they’re different.  It’s easy to judge someone because of one mistake they made or to try to make them pay for it the rest of their life. 

Science teaches us that everything is matter, and the mass of an object is a measure of its energy content.  We are all energy.  We are all part of an interrelated ecosystem and we need each other to survive.  So it doesn’t matter what a person looks like.  What matters is what they say, what they believe, and what they are doing to make the world a better place.

I have learned to listen very closely and the rewards for my doing so are wonderful.  I have made so many dear friendships all because I dared not to judge.  I opened my mind to new people and new experiences.

As a maker of my own candy, I find that candy is the perfect analogy for my fellow Cadabra beings.  Each person is a different flavor, each with a unique mind.  But we can all come together for an amazing recipe of combined flavors, which will taste oh so sweet.   

It is little wonder the Palace has named me Sweet Blossom, the Duchess of Candy?” 

Fun Facts

  • The “Pretty” Princess
  • Loves to make candy as a hobby
  • Is a “Pinkian” and so despises religion, capitalism and bigotry.
  • Believed to be second in line to the throne of her mother, Queen Darwin IV, after Dusk
  • A redhead and the most beautiful princess in all the land
  • A natural leader and charismatic young woman who enjoys giving speeches
  • A feminist and egalitarian
  • She enjoys flirting with men, women, and even Talking Animals
  • A social activist, bohemian artist and rebellious type
  • A little bossy
  • Has probably done more drugs than you have
  • Hasn’t seen her former playmates Princess Mary or Princess Wendy in ten years



The Palace of Saints, Queen Darwin Dynasty


Memorable Quotes

The Orison to Science document includes “Seven Fallacies and Seven Facts”, each one a reminder to keep Science on a higher pedestal than the seven religious dogmas that permeated the rest of Cadabra.  That is, (1) sexual repression, (2) poor dieting and exercise routines, (3) Greed and greed-based systems, (4) unwillingness to conduct research, (5) ad hominem attacks, (6) surrogate god propaganda and (7) narcissism.  So the oath went:

Fact: A woman should be proud of her genitals.

Fact: No diet and no exercise are the birth of stupidity.

Fact: Money and profiteering statistically bring more death and suffering.

Fact: Peer-reviewed scientific studies are the only thing worth quoting.

Fact: I do not use ad hominem attacks and tu quoque logic to prove my point.

Fact: I have no need of a higher authority, prayer or a religious-based hierarchy.

Fact: I am never wrong because I never say anything unscientific.

Fun Facts

  • The Queen Darwin IV Dynasty is the ruling family of the Palace of Saints
  • This is an atheist, science-based kingdom…God and Religion are banned
  • Queen Darwin IV is not in good health
  • Princess Regnant “Dusk” is first in line to be queen when the Queen croaks
  • Countess Huxley and her daughter Lady Bramwell are also considered heirs to the throne
  • Blossom is the “Princess of Candy” and she should be happy with that title, nothing more, or at least that’s what the Queen said
  • The Commonwealth’s Military has its own sense of decorum and their own opinions apart from the Queen
  • The Committee of Science is a panel of renowned scientists whose job is to advise the Queen
  • The word “Pinkian” is mostly a derogatory term…to them, Atheism is the “truth”, not a belief
  • However, they are very fond of the color pink, hence the colloquialism
  • There are strange, creepy things going on up north, where the icy observatories are located
  • The Queen is evil…everyone knows this. Science ought to kill the old bat already!


Tom Callin (TC Mouse Corp.)


Memorable Quotes

“Guys like me change the world, you know.  I’m selling life.  I don’t sell objects.  I sell the secrets of the universe, you see.”

“Oh, I see.  So you’re a negative thinker.  I see.  Well, okay that’s fine.  See, I don’t understand your world.  I am a positive thinker.  I am a big swelling ball of positive energy that brings balance to our universe.  So no, I can’t afford to be around losers.  Or negative thinkers.  Or girls that sit in hot tubs and just take up space while the world passes you by.  No, no.  I’m a winner.  I don’t really know what it’s like to constantly live in fear like you do.”

“No, I don’t need your name.  All I need is The Look.  The Look that says, Yes you are correct.  Regardless of how much I personally hate you, I still feel the energy.  I know what you say is undeniable and true.  I am attracted to you sexually, Mister Tom Callin, because your energy, your confidence, is eviscerating.  Your domination of the conversation, TOM, is so powerful and alpha-male it’s putting me into a hypnotic trance.  That’s what you call gut-level attraction, secret of the universe, the law of like attracts like!

Fun Facts

  • A real estate agent who owns property in the Outskirts, the Wilderness and the Commonwealth
  • A member of the “monopolist party”
  • He doesn’t take sides in political wars…he sells to everybody!
  • Total douchebag MLM marketer who tends to insult people
  • Likes to brag about himself, making Donald Trump look modest
  • Seems to be coked up all the time
  • Has an alternate persona he calls “TC Mouse”, a lovable character who speaks softly and tells people what they want to hear.  Whenever he’s in character of TC Mouse he wears a Mouse Mask
  • Multinational hedge fund villain who makes deals with all four kingdoms in Cadabra
  • Has a dark side and bizarre sex life that NO ONE wants to know about
  • Has the ugliest human face in Cadabra, or so they say
  • Not only claims to be evil, but brands himself as the Most Evil Man for commercial purposes
  • Sponsors scientific and genetic experiments that challenge the limits of science and all that is decent and good in the world


Galileo de Wolf III, Talking Animal, Legendary Entertainer


Memorable Quotes

“The name’s Galileo de Wolf the Third and if you ever want a good show all you have to do is ask. If you slap me five times I’ll stop being your friend.  Six times and I file for divorce!  Seven times and I might even stop trying to sleep with you.

Finally a laugh!  I was starting to think I was an entertaining a cemetery.  I hate playing cemeteries too because the crowd is so dead.  What a bunch of stiffs, I tell ya’!

My name is Galileo de Wolf the Third.  The Third I say.  Don’t confuse me with those poor schmucks the Second and the First.  I never heard of them.  It’s all coincidence!  They weren’t even wolves I tell ya.  They were donkeys.  My mudda never made it with no donkey, I tell ya!  And that lil’ bastard Galileo Junior!  The kid ain’t my son.  He looks like a walrus not a wolf.  I told that chick, ‘Honey, your baby has no dick and two giant fangs.’  You’d know if it was my son because he’d be walking on three legs.  Awoooooga!”

Fun Facts

  • A Talking Animal, a Big Bad Wolf, with shapeshifting abilities – but only when it’s FUNNY!
  • Loves to crack dirty jokes, applaud pretty ladies and make people laugh
  • Vaudevillian in his old timey slapstick mentality
  • But he still loves to sing, dance and party with human girls
  • Shapeshifter sex – got its perks for sure!
  • Beyond his singing and joking, he really desires to be politically active and help stop the exploitation of his animal cousins from the cruelty of human beings
  • A loner, a rebel, a thief and a drunk; the notorious “Animal Banned Across Cadabra”
  • So talented he can play the piano with his tail; superior to human beings in practically every way
  • He represents many Talking Animals who inhabit the Animal Parish / Fallout Village
  • He believes humans abuse his non-talking cousins and is a moral crusader against animal cruelty
  • His buddies include Rabbo the Rabbit, Klaus Vanderbeak, and Leo Panthera
  • Has the hots for Princess Blossom…but doesn’t everybody?


Read the Book!

It’s hard growing up in a long line of Evil Queens and Wicked Stepmothers in the Palace of Saints, the royal family of the Commonwealth of the Pink Sky.  “Sweet” Blossom is a princess in waiting with big ideas on how to change the world, but she must contend with her scheming family, not to mention a sexual, cultural and social revolution happening all over Cadabra.

A woman destined to inherit power has many friends, suitors and enemies hiding behind smiling faces.  She must choose her friends carefully.  Prince Aaron is a nice guy and an old-fashioned idealist who struggles with the new wave of feminism.  Tom Callin is a foul-mouthed, two-faced opportunist who hides behind fake mouse ears and corporate promises.  And then there is the Big Bad Wolf, a master of disguise and an actor with an incredible range of false emotion.

Blossom can only choose one path on the road to Sainthood.  Will she follow her morals, her ambitions, or her aching heart?

Although “The End of the Magical Kingdom 2: The Saint of Science” is not an age-restricted book, the story contains controversial subject matter, graphic violence and violent emotional intensity. Discretion is advised for readers under the age of 16.

Continue on in the series with The Watchmaker’s Child. Confused about the Kingdom of who and the Kingdom of what?

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