What is a Tragic Parody?

Looking for something completely different?

  • How about a book that’s funny, scary, emotional and just plain weird?
  • Something that’s too funny to be serious but too disturbing and intense to be a comedy?
  • Immerse yourself in a strange new world for a multi-part series…
  • That will take you on an emotional roller coaster.
  • Let’s call it a Tragic Parody

The End of the Magical Kingdom is a:

  • ​​Comedy
  • Fairy Tale
  • Fantasy
  • Coming-of-age Drama
  • LGBTQ Love Story
  • Political Satire
  • Religious Allegory
  • Speculative Sci-Fi
  • Psychological Horror
  • Serious Literature
  • Disney Fanfiction
  • Experimental Novel
  • Shakespearean Tragedy
  • Social Satire

Do you suffer from one of the following literary conditions:

  • Allergic to boring, predictable books?
  • Tired of books featuring the same old characters and plots?
  • Disappointed by other comedy books that aren’t LOL funny enough?
  • Feeling fluish from watching too many cartoons with no heart or soul?
  • Feeling lethargic at all the PC culture & the feel-good rhetoric of a simple world that just ain’t so!

  • The goal was to create a discussion about serious issues through the guise of a cartoony universe.
  • Through exaggerated characters and bizarre plots, we tell the story of our own world, with clashing ideologies and multiple perspectives.
  • This is our world, our culture, our “truths”, but shown through funny mirrors.
  • The End of the Magical Kingdom series takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotion into a caricatured world that mirrors our own.

Target Audience: “A weird mix of fanfiction, internet trolling, literature, genre & psychological horror…This one’s for the Outcasts. It’s about outcasts, for outcasts, written by an outcast. Weirdest book ever!”

The End of the Magical Kingdom Books 1-4

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Book 1: The Evil Princess

What happens when a singing fairy tale princess falls in love with a witch instead of the handsome prince she’s destined to marry? This is Mary Melancholy’s story.

Book 2: The Saint of Science

It’s hard growing up in a House of Evil Queens when you have a conscience and must uphold the integrity of Science and Atheism. This is Sweet Blossom’s story.

Book 3: The Watchmaker’s Child

Playing God is much harder than it looks on TV, even with unlimited technology at your disposal. Secrets must be protected or empires crumble. This is Wendy’s story.

Book 4: The Broken Divine

WHAT? Is that how it ends? What about the loose ends? It’s not over yet. Don’t miss the final episode of The End of the Magical Kingdom!


Fairy Tale Satire and Parody Plots


The End of the Magical Kingdom Book Reviews

Book 1: The Evil Princess

“WOW! Just Wow! The plot was amazing and you had me panting and holding my breath and sitting on the edge of my seat. I see this as a movie. Your purpose in life is more than simply a creative and unique voice. It is the benevolence of a good person. Your work is amazing. I’ve always loved that tactile feel your writing has, but there is a sense of mysticism that draws me in, like a sexy voice. You lay your heart out in your characters and paint the most vivid scenery. Stay true to yourself! I love your work.”

-Jennifer Lawson Perez, Author, Anastasia and the Cuban

“I LOVED this book. It gives you a fairytale vibe. I liked the lyrics, I felt it very quirky and nice. Each character has a purpose and has a different personality trait. It made me actually imagined their voices and gestures, which for me is hard to imagine those things. But this story had a lot of world-building and character development. The way you are introduced into a more cruel and twisted plot, is enchanting. The narrator is sarcastic and I really like that because it made me imagine I was at a bonfire and he was telling the story. This was a fun read.

-N.G. Gallegos, Mystery in Bonsai Gardens

“Different, funny, sweet, I loved this book. I hope it continues.”

-Alisha, Scribd

“Real chilling tone. Sexy and fun. Fantastic writer.”

-LezBeHonest15, Fanfiction.net

“Love the alternate take using Disney-esque characters in a darker Game of Thrones setting.”

-dBud, Archive of Our Own

Book 2: The Saint of Science

“Absolutely brilliant. I’m loving this book! Brilliant comedy, the story is good and the wording is wonderful. This book blends fantasy, humor, satire, horror, and many other themes into a devilishly witty and beautifully written twist on the Disney-esque love story. Certainly not for children or the faint of heart, the author has mastered depravity in this book. This yarn provides entertainment as well as important social commentary that is completely relevant and thought-provoking. The author shows true range and well-developed chops with crisp writing, thoughtful imagery and excellent character development. The story is compelling enough to make it a page-turner and, at times, raunchy and shocking enough to establish a train wreck or deer-caught-in-headlights effect. Thumbs up on this book!”

-Bassplayer Nick

“More like 4.5 stars. one of the strangest books I have ever read. Satirical, snarky and sassy. I can’t tell you if this is the first or second weirdest thing I have EVER read. If the Evil Princess was about subverting ideas about good/evil and religion (among other things and that’s just a guess) The Saint of Science subverts ideas about science and ethics (among other things) Both books are cynical, snarky, and full of strong female characters, I would call the books feminist (having read two now) but again, I have no clue. This book will disturb you in ways you can not even imagine before you read it but I guarantee you will never forget once you do.”

-Jen, Goodreads

“I gave this book 4 stars because it not only held my attention but challenged me, sometimes frustrated me and ultimately made me talk about what I was reading with non-readers. Something I rarely feel motivated to do. ”

-Grainne Rhuad, Editor

Book 3: The Watchmaker’s Child

“I relearned how to chuckle since reading L. M. Warren. Warren is an author I can recommend whole-heartedley. A must read for we who love great literature! The author invented a new literary genre and paying dearly for it. Personally, I call the work “realistic fantasy”. It’s so appropro for modern times that you will have to wait for readers to catch up with you. The sarcasm is incomparable. The talent is astonishing. And the devotion to our art is admirable. When the rich completely wall themselves in, a fresh literary movement will be born in we real people outside their wall. Our day may come soon. Be of good cheer. ”

-Richard Fulgham, Author, The Hogs of Cold Harbor

“Dark intelligent humor. If you like satire or dark comedy, you have to give this book a try. Compelling, smart, shocking.”

-Tony DeCastro, Author, Everything is Broken

“It turns out to be really good but it might drive you insane before you finish. Don’t say you weren’t warned, man!”

-Cal Jennings, Space Eagle Productions

Book 4: The Broken Divine

“Folks: this is a wonderful writer – witty, unique, clever, funny, knows a great turn of phrase, and manages to make important points without hitting you over the head with them. You’ve managed to play the line skillfully to where no one can call it satire but leave them with an uneasy sting that maybe it is. I appreciate your ability to include political commentary without being didactic. It is not easy. Show, don’t tell is easier said than done.”

-James Nova, Head Like a Hole, Heart Like a Wheel

“The story is laced through with allegory and social satire that sometimes leaves you laughing out loud, sometimes gives you a much-needed attitude adjustment, but that always provokes careful thought. This is by far the most experimental and the best work Warren has ever written. Breakaway characters draw in the reader intensely. The final chapters shift the tone almost into pure sci-fi. Warren creates a number of warm, engaging personalities within this story, whether he intended to or not. Those personalities sweep up the reader in that “Oh wow, I’ve been reading for two hours and I thought it had been only twenty minutes” type of manner. Overall, it was a very good story, although if I had my druthers, you know my druthers would be to cut down on the graphic violence. I felt the dialog for this book was well-controlled and believable. The plot had some delightful twists and intricacies and a few genuine surprises. It’s a good coming of age book as it questions the social norms and perceptions of reality.”

-Karla Fetrow, Author, The Icelandic Accord

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