The majority of books you read and movies you see, you will one day forget. For a story to really stick with you, your emotions have to be stimulated, incited and maybe even provoked. The ability to remember a story for years on end is as much a reflection of the times you’re living in, as well as the experience you shared with the author.

That’s why L. M. Warren’s The End of the Magical Kingdom series is something magically different. It’s a book that combines fairy tale comedy, psychological horror and coming-of-age drama. This is a “Tragic Parody” that will captivate you, giving you an emotional roller coaster of an experience. You don’t just read the book…you live a story. You create a virtual memory of something you will long remember.

This is a story about you – about your society and mine, but observed through funny mirrors. Oscar Wilde once said, “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” That’s why this three part series is a “tragic parody” – a satire with social commentary but written like a sitcom or a Disney cartoon.


“Gut-splitting hilarious fun… laced through with allegory and social satire that leaves you laughing out loud.” 

-Karla Fetrow, Author, The Icelandic Accord

“WOW! Just Wow! The plot was amazing and you had me panting and holding my breath and sitting on the edge of my seat. I see this as a movie!” 

-Jennifer Lawson Perez, Author, Anastasia and the Cuban

“L. M. Warren is an author I can recommend whole-heartedley. He is a must read for we who love great literature!” 

-Richard Fulgham, Author, The Hogs of Cold Harbor

“The demonic forces that surely got into the writer Mitchell Warren really work their magic. It’s a how-to guide to corrupting innocence.” 

-Grainne Rhuad, Editor

“Absolutely brilliant! Raunchy and shocking enough to establish a train wreck or deer caught in headlights effect.” 

-Nick Upperman, Comedian

“It’s hard to describe the book, as it seems to be like Game of Thrones happening in a Looney Tunes universe or maybe Disney musicals if they actually stuck to the original Brothers Grimm story.” 

-Nikko Payne, Artist

“While one could say it’s a pansexual ADHD version of Lord of the Rings, they’re missing the ode to trollism. It reads like South Park and The Crucible had a mutant baby, or maybe Tarantino rebooting Fern Gully.”

– Matthew McArthur, Chef


The Magical Kingdom Experience will only intensify in the coming months, as the release of the radio play and comic book approach. Start your interactive magical adventure by reading a summary of the Story.


Evil Princess Gallery

The Evil Princess

What happens when a fairy tale princess falls in love with a witch instead of the handsome prince she’s destined to marry? This is Mary Melancholy’s story.

Saint Science Gallery

The Saint of Science

It’s hard growing up in a House of Evil Queens when you have a conscience, not to mention courting the attention of alpha males everywhere. This is Blossom’s story.

Watchmakers Child Gallery

The Watchmaker’s Child

Playing God is much harder than it looks on TV, even with unlimited technology at your disposal. Secrets must be protected or empires crumble. This is Wendy’s story.


Attempted Rapture Warren

Attempted Rapture

The Sinner: A sacrilegious, obscene and slanderous Christian story. Banned in bookstores all over the world.

new saint

Attempted Rapture

The Saint: A toned down but still slightly heretical version of Attempted Rapture. It’s OK for your mom to read.

Raining Cats and Dogs - Warren

Raining Cats and Dogs

A dog soap opera, a dog murder mystery, a satire about dog life and written by a dog for dogs.


Cry On Cue

A story by an insane author, edited by a madman and incomprehensible to normal people.